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The Harmonite Jewellery Collection

Our vision is to create a sustainable and nature-inspired brand where the beauty of handmade pendants crafted from natural materials shines.

Inspiring individuals to embrace the inherent beauty of organic materials, and foster a deep connection with the Earth.

Our vision is to create a sustainable and nature-inspired brand where the beauty of handmade pendants crafted from natural materials shines.

Together, we envision a future where our individual creations serve as reminders of our shared responsibility to preserve and protect the environment for generations to come. Our handmade nature-inspired jewellery captures the essence of everyday beauty, reminding you to find awe in the simplest moments. Crafted with care and an artistic touch, each piece reflects our commitment to time-honoured traditions and intuitive design.

We take pride in being a small, accomplished brand, dedicated to creating jewellery that is unique and natural. Our creations carry the essence of organic beauty, allowing you to reconnect with the natural world and embrace its harmonizing influence. As you wear our pieces, you’ll feel the relaxed energy they bring, grounding you in the present moment and reminding you of life’s simple pleasures.

Harmonite Jewellery Logo
A collection of jewellery both inspired and made in harmony with you, your spirit and that of our planet.
I’ve always been a fairly creative type of person. Drawing, painting, and scrapbooking as a kid were my preferred rainy-day activities, moving on to photography in my teenage years, and in later years I would recycle weathered materials and old T shirts either on my sewing machine, or with a giant wooden crochet needle in the form of “boodling”. I found crafting very therapeutic. But back in 2019 I discovered plant-based resins and through a series of unfortunate events (a victim of our own success you could say), I ended up taking on the task of fulfilling several product orders to make a shipment of resin pendants to Amazon in the USA. It was daunting and quite stressful – a lot of trial and error failures to overcome, but I fell in love with the process, right down to sourcing eco-friendly packaging materials. Daily walks out and about near my home village in Sussex inspired a number of new variations and ideas and the Harmonite brand was born.

Our Woodland

In 2014 we took ownership of a small piece of English Woodland which has become our eternal source of inspiration; our books, jewellery, and wood carvings are a joy to create and the time we spend there never fails to bring about new thoughts, ideas, and ultimately products.

Our jewellery specifically is created from natural materials found within the woodland and we work in harmony with the seasons and the environment – waiting for the lichen to fall during autumn winds or the new bright green leaves that emerge in the springtime.

A portion of the money we make goes towards regenerating the woodland, restoring balance to each ecosystem, and increasing the diversity of flora and fauna.

Explore The Work That We Undertake

Protection from Hybridisation

The woodland was overgrown and choked with non-native Rhododendrons when we started, and it is an ongoing battle to keep it under control. Particularly as we do all maintenance work manually and without the use of chemicals. A lot of digging, sweating, and burning!

Breeding Boxes for Birds & Bats

We use recycled materials wherever possible and still have boxes made from old oak flooring offcuts which the bats seem perfectly happy living in.

Safe Spaces for Ground Nesters

The previous owners used the woodland for raising and shooting game birds, thankfully many escaped that fate and have decided to stay. But with alien shrubs being removed, we must encourage native alternatives such as Gorse and Holly to provide adequate food, cover and protection.

Corrugated Reptile Warmers

With Adders and Slow worms fairly common in Sussex, the addition of reptile warmers we hope will encourage more of them to take up residence in the clearings. It’s always a treat to lift the metal sheets on a sunny morning and see what’s curled up underneath.

Wet Woodland Meadow Creation

Increasing the diversity of plant life is the first crucial step in encouraging a wider range of insects, birds, and mammals to move into the wood. Every year we collect and disperse seeds, clear unwanted species, and give existing ones a helping hand where appropriate.

Habitat Diversity

The woodland may be small but has a couple of streams and an open wayleave dissecting it, providing a good variety of habitats already. We encourage heathland species on top of the windy wayleave, and plan to add dry-stone walling along the border to encourage little owls and hardier rock plants.

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