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Amber of The Scots Pine (Ogham letter “Ailm”)

Amber resin from the Scots Pine Tree

The Scots Pine within the Ogham Alphabet The Ogham alphabet, rooted in Celtic tradition, comprises twenty characters, each named after a tree or plant native to the British Isles. “Ailm,” is the 16th letter of the Ogham alphabet and is associated with the Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris), and it holds significant meaning within Druidic lore. […]

How do we make acorn pendants?

Joanne Hedger how we make pendants by hand - jewellery making

Pendant Mold Production First we make the molds – which we do from actual acorns collected from our woodland in Sussex. Each mold is typically good for making 10-15 pendants, after which time it develops small defects and so a new one must be made. Once we have a set of molds ready, we can […]

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